Got a design idea to make the world stop and take notice?

In this year’s Dubai International Academic City’s Engineering Competition, we’re on the hunt for the most iconic and buzz-worthy bus stop design of tomorrow. Participate to compete with other fellow students and get the opportunity to showcase your work to private and government industry professionals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to test your ideas, showcase your work, and get recognized.

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  • All the competitors must be students at universities or institutions affiliated with DKP or DIAC.
  • The students can either register as individuals or in groups or teams.
  • Each entrant may represent at most one individual project but may be included on any number of team projects.
  • The work must not be copied and should be entirely designed by the students under the supervision of a qualified teacher or professor at the respective university or college.
  • Each University may submit maximum of 3 entries of individuals or groups.
  • Prizes will only be awarded to individuals who present their project at the competition. In extenuating circumstances this rule may be waived in agreement with the committee
  • Submissions must be accompanied by technical drawings.
  • All questions and submissions should be emailed to


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